Rewind 2: It’s Early. It’s Jam-Packed.

Welcome to the second edition of Rewind — the exclusive iPod touch Fans’ article that sums up the latest in iPhone/iPod touch news, themes, jailbreaking, and more as well as what’s going on around the iPod touch Fans community. Rewind is regularly published on Saturday with this being a special midweek edition. I am very appreciative and award much credit to Manic Nimrod for the fantastic banner design. Post your replies on this thread and they may be chosen as the Comments of the Week for next week’s article. Lots of iPod touch Fans’ activity so far this week… enjoy reading! Rewind Archives

In The News: Opera Mini for iPhone

The folks over at Opera Software can proudly add iPhone to the list of mobile phones supported with their mobile browser, Opera Mini. Opera Software recently submitted Opera Mini to the App Store for approval and while patiently awaiting it’s fate, knew that the chances of acceptance were mediocre at best. Apple does not often accept non-Safari based browsers such as Opera Mini into the App Store, however Apple chose to decline–surprisingly accept– the new mobile browser.

Opera Mini is also available on most other smartphones as well as the Nintendo DS. It’s not to be confused with Opera Mobile which is for use with regular cell phones.

A review of Opera Mini has been posted by iPod touch Fans’ user Jelly. You can find the review in the related links below.

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Jailbreak Scene: Geohot’s on a roll; successfully jailbreaks iPhone OS 4

In the last Rewind article, we found out about Geohot’s jailbreak for the iPad. This week, it’s iPhone OS 4. That’s right: Geohot has successfully found a jailbreak for iPhone OS 4.0 (currently in beta). There is no word yet on any release date for this jailbreak, however there is no need to be impatient as OS 4 isn’t slated for release until Summer 2010 for iPhone/iPod touch and Fall 2010 for the iPad. News spread about this jailbreak after Geohot posted the following message to his Twitter account (with “this one” referring to OS 4):


iPhone OS 4.0 has now been successfully jailbroken by two parties–the iPhone Dev Team also found a jailbreak exploit for iPhone OS 4.0 earlier this week. However, with iPhone OS 4.0 still in beta, there remains a possibility for Apple to patch both of these jailbreaking methods for iPhone OS 4.0 before the firmware is publicly released.

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Thread Spotlight:

The following users have written interesting or informative threads that are deserving of this week’s Thread Spotlight:

Opera Mini Review
Posted by Jelly
12 April 2010

How To Determine if you have a 3G iPod touch
Posted by narwal13
12 April 2010

Fring, Slacker, NAVIGON, TeleNav Respond to Multitasking in 4.0
Posted by _JKK_
13 April 2010

Recent and Upcoming Theme Releases:

Cindex (Released)

By The7thWitness
Click here to go to the Release Thread.

One of the most minimal lockscreens.
Its tap to unlock.
The idea was to have your lockscreen focus on your beautiful lockscreen.

My Take on It: Simplistic, but maybe too simplistic.









Chromatism (Work-in-Progress)

By Jelly
Click here
to visit the Upcoming Release thread.

Hey everyone! This is my first theme and I want it to be a big one. I saw a thread on this forum called “Chromaphobia” and once I saw the name, I said, I’d love to make a Chrome theme! At first, I tried taking an image of an iPod and forming the chrome around it, into a square (like an app icon). When that failed (because iDesigner doesn’t work well with overlays), I tried something different, but close to the Chrome I had in mind.

My Take on It: Looks like it will be a decent looking theme for Jelly’s first attempt.

SnowCover (Work-in-Progress)

By dgxnil
Click here to visit the Upcoming Release thread.

Description: Working on a SnowCover theme, since all the good ones I see are NFR its come down for me to make my own.

My Take on It: Looks very promising. Looking forward to a full release.










Platter (Work-in-Progress)

By wherearemypants?
Click here for the Upcoming Release thread.

Description: wherearemypants?’s first attempt at a theme.

My Take on It: So far, so good.

Photo Booth:

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Posted by TimeWePretend

Posted by Alpacaman

Posted by The7thWitness

Posted by VE.

What iPod touch Fans’ users are listening to this week:

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mikemaranon and SoBe are listening to…
Nothing On You
B.o.B. ft. Bruno Mars

Vince is listening to…
Everywhere I Go
Hollywood Undead

spoonforknife is listening to…
Shade And Honey

ChrisL is listening to…
J. Holiday

FortMinorKiks52 is listening to…
Where’d You Go
Fort Minor

Mr.FunMan is listening to…
Life Goes On

GarnetNGold is listening to…
Forget About Dre
Dr. Dre

Originally Posted By…

The funniest or most creative responses posted in the Lounge Thread in the past week:

Posted by Meyer:

(rah)² (ah)³ + ro (ma + mama) + (ga)² + ooh(la)²

Posted by exit1010:

I swear you are wearing a hott G right now.

Omg I just realize why they called it a G string! O.M.G.

Posted by narwal13

Lady GaGa sucks. Fact stated.

Questions of the Week:

This week’s edition of Rewind features three questions:

1. Do you think that Apple will patch the iPhone OS 4 jailbreak before iPhone OS 4 is publicly released?
2. Opera Mini or Safari?
3. Lady GaGa: Yay or Nay?

The best responses will be featured in the next week’s Answers of the Week, so be creative. Additionally, a poll is available on the thread for the Lady GaGa question and the results will be posted in a pie graph in next week’s article of Rewind.

Comment of the Week:

The comment of the week is collected from the previous week’s article responses. And here it is, posted by The7thWitness:

My lockscreen got on there.

The7thWitness would likely agree with me that next week’s Comment of the Week could be a lot better, so let’s hope it is.

On A Side Note:

I hope that have enjoyed reading this special–much longer–edition of Rewind. I will leave with you a video to watch: an iPod touch Fans’ advertisement video made by user RoosterPandemic. Props to you.

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