The Ultimate Fix for Apple’s Magic Mouse

Apple’s Magic Mouse, the multi-touch successor to the Mighty Mouse, has faced a significant amount of criticism since its release in October 2009. While its multi-touch gestures are convenient, many users have complained because they believe the mouse does not properly contour to their hands. To solve this dilemma, product designer and manufacturer William Davidson created the Magic Mouse Fix…

The Magic Mouse Fix is a soft plastic insert that rests upon your Magic Mouse and gives it a more ergonomic design. Although it has been released for nearly two years, this is a simple yet effective solution that deserves to be put into the spotlight again for any Mac users that want to use Apple’s otherwise useful mouse in a more comfortable and wrist-friendly manner. The Magic Mouse Fix is available for $12, which includes free shipping in the United States. Tack on an additional $3 for international shipping.


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