Safari for Mac is Superior to Chrome and Firefox

According to a head-to-head test by Tom’s Hardware, Safari and Firefox prevail as the top browsers for Mac and Windows respectively. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera were among the web browsers that were involved in the benchmark study for aspects ranging from startup times to JavaScript performance.

Safari for Mac ranked first over its competitors in many benchmark categories including memory usage, HTML5 hardware acceleration, and cached page load times. Chrome finished ahead of third place Mozilla Firefox among browsers for Macs, while Opera ranked as the fourth and final browser.

Unsurprisingly, Internet Explorer 9 did not fare well in this test; on its native Windows platform, the web browser ranked last behind first place Firefox, runner-up Chrome, and third overall Opera. While Firefox was not the leading browser for many of its benchmarks on Windows, its combined overall results were enough to propel it into first place for Microsoft’s operating system. Chrome for Windows boasted the best page loading time and memory management, while Opera worked best with Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin according to the test.


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