AT&T Expands its LTE Network to 11 More Cities

AT&T announced today the expansion of its LTE network to an additional 11 cities in the United States, including Los Angeles, the greater New York area, and the San Francisco Bay area. The other eight cities that received LTE treatment are Austin, Chapel Hill, Orlando, Phoenix, Raleigh and San Diego. These cities join the fifteen others that AT&T launched its LTE network in last year, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Houston.

Despite expanding its network, AT&T is still second to Verizon Wireless in terms of the LTE coverage it provides nationwide. Verizon’s high-speed LTE network has coverage in over 190 markets and is accessible by over 200 million people. Sprint, on the other hand, has chosen to promote its own 4G technology called WiMax; the third largest U.S. carrier does have plans, however, to launch an LTE network in select markets in mid-2012.


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