Apple Having Trouble Securing Content for iTV?

According to sources for USA Today, Apple is having issues securing content for the yet-to-be-announced Apple Television platform. Content providers like CBS have already mentioned that they will not be bringing media to the ATV due to Apple’s preference for revenue splitting over paying for content up front, and the Cupertino-based company’s stubbornness could potentially neuter a dedicated TV service. If Apple can’t offer more content than current streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, customers may opt for more basic (and likely far cheaper) television sets in conjunction with set-top-boxes like the current Apple TV 2 or Roku.

USA Today also reports that Jony Ive is currently working on the design of the “iTV” in his top secret design lair, and while no specific details are known, the set is rumored to have built-in WiFi for streaming and may feature a large 50″ screen and Siri capability.

[USA Today]

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