Bungie’s Durandal Hits App Store for Free

Ever played Halo? Heard of Bungie? Roughly five years before Halo, Bungie was known for entering the first-person shooter market with Marathon on the Mac (as well as the Apple Pippin, the doomed gaming console of yore). They followed that up with Marathon 2: Durandal, a game which took place seventeen years after the original. However, the rest is history: Macintosh sales slowed drastically in the mid-to-late 1990s, Apple almost went bankrupt, and Bungie decided to open-source the games years before they started work on Halo and were snatched up by Microsoft.

Thanks to an enterprising community dedicated to keeping the game alive, Marathon 2: Durandal is now available on the App Store for your iOS device, along with three in-app purchases: high-res textures, enhanced reticules, and a “Master Chief Mode.” The game itself is available for free. And free is a great price for a sense of ’90s gaming nostalgia, isn’t it?

[iTunes, source.bungie.org]

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