iOS 5 Bug Exposes Photostream from the Lock Screen

Ade Barkah has discovered a bug in iOS 5 that allows users to bypass the lock screen and view pictures in the iPhone’s photostream without entering a passcode. If the system clock ever rolls back to a time in the past, all photos taken since that time can be accessed by opening from the lock screen’s quick launcher. Compared to some vulnerabilities found in the past, the chances of this bug exposing your data are relatively small since the iPhone’s clock is automatically set, and only photos with a timestamp newer than the incorrect system time are at risk of being seen. Apple has a history of letting time-related bugs slip through testing, but we’re sure that a fix will be released promptly. Don’t be too eager to upgrade, though: pod2g is working on an A5 jailbreak, and you don’t want to be stuck on an unsupported firmware.


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