Apple’s iBooks Event to Focus on the Textbook Industry

In Walter Isaacson’s official biography of Steve Jobs, it was revealed that the Apple co-founder wanted to transform the textbook industry next. Unfortunately, in the months to follow, Jobs would succumb to pancreatic cancer after battling the illness for several years. Despite the passing of Jobs, however, it appears that Apple is ready to fulfill his plans of revolutionizing the textbook business. According to Clayton Morris, an anchor for Fox News, Apple will host a media event in January in New York City focused around iTunes University and Apple in the education sector.

Apple could revolutionize the textbook industry by offering digital textbooks through the iBooksstore. A digital textbook would allow for students to annotate, highlight, and define words in their textbooks—all preexisting iBooks features. Furthermore, students could access their textbooks from their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad; hopefully, Mac OS X and Windows could be added to that list if Apple opts to expand their iBooks service to other platforms. Morris notes that Steve Jobs was involved with this project before his passing, and that New York City was chosen as the location for the event because it is more central to the textbook and publishing business. He also reassures that this event will not be major, but large in scope, and will not have any hardware-related announcements.

Mr. Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson says in the book that Mr. Jobs viewed textbooks as the next business he wanted to transform. His idea, according to Mr. Isaacson, was to hire textbook writers to create digital versions of their books for the iPad.

[Clayton Morris via iDB]

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