Developer Renders iPhone 4 in CSS3 with No Images

Today’s web development feat comes from Vasiliy Zubach, also known as TjRus across the Web. Zubach has managed to create an entire iPhone 4 render out of CSS3 — no images, no flash and no HTML5 (though the developer does have extensive knowledge in the language). The render, available here, is a compiled of 3,395 lines of CSS and 335 lines of Javascript thrown together to become an iPhone 4 render that includes no images and has three basic functions: slide to unlock, locking with the power button and unlocking again with the home button.

While this render isn’t exactly perfect in its coloring and icon sizes, it is quite a milestone for Web developing. You can even zoom in and it will be perfectly clear. If you’re aiming to not use images and make load times extremely fast, then this is kind of idea what you’re looking for.

[The Next Web]

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