“Ask Ziggy”: A Free Siri Alternative for Windows Phone

Although voice recognition is not a new technology, credit can be given to Apple for integrating it so effectively on the iPhone 4S. Over the past few months, many developers have attempted to mimic Siri’s functionality on Android and otherĀ  mobile platforms. While most of these knockoff apps have been unsuccessful, developer Shai Leib’s “Ask Ziggy” utility for Windows Phone is quite the contrary; the app, free on the Windows Phone Marketplace, can answer several different general questions with considerable effectiveness.

The app also recognizes commands for routine tasks such as emailing, texting, calling, using social networks, and getting directions. “Ask Ziggy” uses a combination of “mash up technologies” and web scraping to obtain its information, while relaying users to related search queries on the web if it is unable to provide an answer. Leib plans to add multi-language support and language transitions to the app in the future. It might not be Siri, but “Ask Ziggy” is pretty darn close. If you haven’t done so already, watch the video demonstration above.


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