Editorial: My New Year’s Wish for iBooks

Earlier today, AllThingsD reported that Apple would be hosting a “media-related event” in New York City later this month; shortly afterwards, TechCrunch confirmed that the event would not feature any new hardware but would instead focus around the iBooks platform. Although this is purely speculation, perhaps Apple will be using this media event as an opportunity to finally launch an iBooks reader for Mac OS X. As it stands, most of the books that Apple offers are encrypted and can only be accessed through the iBooks application on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

It’s a little odd that you can download iBooks on your Mac, via iTunes, yet can’t read them on your Mac. Furthermore, the iBooks platform cannot be accessed by third-party devices such as the Amazon Kindle and other eBook readers. On the contrary, both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have an influence on the iOS App Store with Kindle and Nook apps respectively. Hopefully, Apple increases the competitiveness of iBooks by turning it into a cross-platform service and making it easier for publishers to get their content available on the iBooksstore. Apple tends to take a proprietary approach with most of their software, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to expand to other plaforms. That’s my New Year’s wish.

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