Apple Accidentally Leaks Internal Testing App ‘GameStore’ onto the App Store

Someone on Apple’s App Store team somehow managed to mistakenly leak out an internal testing app titled GameStore onto the store for all to download. The app, released on December 31st of 2011, is supposedly for testing the functionality of “buy[ing] different things from within [a] app,” according to its description on the App Store.

GameStore has quite a few in-app purchases that are available to anyone, but currently there is no way to fully utilize them since the app is strictly meant for experimenting. Available “products” range from “2 Lives” for $2.99 to a “Force Field” for $5.99, indicating that the game that Apple intended to receive these items was that of the adventure or FPS genre.

Even stranger yet, GameStore’s initial launch date was June 9th of 2009 — which, coincidentally, was during Apple’s WWDC of that year.

GameStore is priced at $.99 with three in-app purchases ranging from $.99 to $1.99. It would be wise not to buy the app, because it’s not meant to be used by anyone except Apple and it currently does nothing that’s worth $.99. Apple will likely catch this mishap later today and pull the experiment from the store.

Update: The app has disappeared into a puff of smoke, much like genies do.

[Apple via Flo's WeblogMac Rumors]

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