Verizon Issues Official Statement Regarding LTE Outages

The higher-ups at Big Red have published an official statement regarding the “growing pains” of their LTE network. Verizon’s 4G service ground to a halt yesterday due to technical difficulties, but the carrier has assured users that they have diagnosed the many problems and will make sure that they do not reoccur. The LTE network experienced outages on three occasions this month, each due to a different problem, and according to today’s statement, future outages will be quarantined to the affected area to limit the number of impacted customers. 3G service has remained fairly solid, so subscribers should still be able to call, text, and browse the web in the event of another failure.

Among the numerous measures we have taken or will take are: geographic segmentation, which enables us to isolate, contain and rectify network performance issues, and maintain service to the majority of customers when an issue does develop; and software fixes that we have developed, tested and applied regularly – and will continue to do so. Both will improve performance and reliability.

And finally, we are learning from these issues and applying the same gold standard to our 4GLTE Network that make our 3G Network the nation’s largest and most reliable.


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