Motorola DROID 4 Leaked in Best Buy Ad

Best Buy seems to have accidentally posted the upcoming DROID 4 to their main Reward Zone page. A promotion (visible yesterday) apparently offered 5000 bonus points to customers who upgraded to the upcoming DROID on Verizon. While this promotion’s image has now been replaced with a new one that includes HTC’s EVO Shift 4G from Sprint, the image to the left reveals the truth of what once was and one day will be.

The DROID 4 was supposed to launch this month, but something held it up and ever since then, it has been appearing in Best Buy’s advertisements on multiple occasions. At least we have a decent idea of what the specs will be, thanks to Droid-Life’s sources who revealed the details back in November.

So when do you think Motorola will actually release the phone? Maybe they’re delaying it so that users can taste some Ice Cream Sandwich at launch, or maybe there are some battery issues — which we’ve heard before. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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