iPad 3 Will Not Be Released at Macworld or CES

It was reported yesterday by Digitimes that Apple would release their next generation iPad at the upcoming Macworld event in January. Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has spoken with “a number of [his] sources” today and confirmed that Digitime’s report is indeed false. According to Dalrymple’s sources, Apple does not plan to release the iPad 3 at either Macworld or the CES.

You can also mark a TV off your list for either one of those shows too — it’s not going to happen, according to my sources.

If this information is correct, then Digitimes could also be wrong about those two iPads that were supposedly coming out next year. While the retina rumors have been continually circulating throughout the year, the new battery improvement report has not. Please take heed when reading reports from any source as it could be false. Always rely on the official information provided by Apple — which, in this case, will be the release of whatever product the company has planned.

When Dalrymple talked to an Apple spokeswoman regarding the matter, she declined to comment.

[The Loop]

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