Apple Planning Two iPads For 2012?

The latest rumblings from DigiTimes claim that Apple plans to release a “high-end” iPad in January of next year, as well as a more modestly improved model. The device is rumored to feature a 14,000mAH battery—over double the size of the current iPad, which would make it a bit thicker than Apple’s existing tablets. If previous rumors are to be believed, the tablet will also have a “Retina” display, which could be too power hungry for the measly 6,500mAH cell found in today’s iPad. The price difference is unknown, but  since the device will likely be marketed to “pro” users (like the MacBook Pro), it wouldn’t be surprising if it was closer to the $1000 mark than the current $500 price point.

We still expect to see an iPad 3, but it’s unknown if the two devices will be released alongside each other. Apple tends to release major product updates each year, so the expected release date of this “iPad HD” lines up nicely with last year’s unveiling of the iPad 2 in March. iPads are frequently used in schools (and for covert missions), so there is definitely a market for a full-powered version capable of more intensive tasks.


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