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Many people love to play games surrounding their favorite sport, whether it be football, baseball, soccer, etc. These games are usually realistic simulations, but some users find these dry and boring, or they just want something to play during their five minute coffee break. The developers at Com2Us attempted to please these users with the second edition of the extremely popular Homerun Battle 3D.   Read on for the full review:


HR Battle 2’s gameplay is broken up into two major modes: multiplayer and singleplayer. Multiplayer consists of three different games:
  • Duel: simply a battle between two users without any bells and whistles–just regular gameplay. The winner is determined by whoever can reach a certain amount of points quicker.
  • Survival: a battle between two players, but the winner is decided when they fill up the meter or deplete the meter of the opponent. During the game, each user can attempt to hinder each other by launching power-ups at the opponent.
  • Mission: the user joins a room of up to four players to face off in multiple challenges. These challenges range from most home runs in the allotted time, whoever can have the most cyclings, four home runs to a certain direction, etc.
The use of three separate game modes ensures that multiplayer does not become bland and unappealing. Instead, it gives the consumer a variety ways to play. Singleplayer also has three modes to choose from:
  • Arcade: can be thought as the classic or regular mode since your goal is to hit the most home runs and rack up points before running out of your ten outs, similar to the home run derby in the MLB. This is the singleplayer version of Duel.
  • Burning: is similar to survival mode because the goal is to not let the time meter run out. This is done by successfully hitting to ball each pitch in order to reach burning mode where the time meter fills back up.
  • Training: is just what the title suggests. You can adjust practically every variable of the pitches in order to perfect your swing.

Singleplayer is a great alternative to multiplayer when you are away from an Internet connection or want to climb the leader boards without being rushed by the competition found in multiplayer.

Survival Mode in multiplayer.

The controls take a bit to get used, especially on an iPad, but once you are comfortable with them, controls feel quite natural. The main reason why the controls may be odd at first is because the aim of the bat is adjusted by tilting your iDevice. The two main parts that decide the distance of your hit are aim and timing. The closer to the sweet spot the ball is, the greater chance that you will hit a huge home run. After the pitch is thrown and you are properly aimed, the player can tap the screen to hit the ball. The part of the field that the ball lands in depends on whether you hit the ball early, late, or just right. This aspect is very realistic compared to real baseball. If the timing is extremely late or early, then the batter will miss the ball, and it will be a strike.

Gameplay pauses with a special effect when the player hits the ball perfectly.

Now that the ball is hit, it can either be a home run, regular hit, or a foul ball. A home run is obviously preferred since it is worth more points and can complete huge combos. This includes cyclings where one hits a homer to each side, multiple home runs in a row, crashes, etc.

Overall, Com2uS successfully achieved the arcade-like gameplay that was desired. This was done through the use of power ups, multipliers, and more.

Gameplay ★★★★★


Popups like this one show after each hit.

Although these graphics are not of the caliber of games like Infinity Blade 2, they do successfully achieve the goal of a playful theme. This is done through special effects when the ball is hit on the sweet spot, cartoony text when a home run is hit, and customizable gear and looks for your character. All of these visuals collaborate seamlessly without interfering with gameplay. With this said, some aspects are blurry and pixelated, which can be a letdown for some. However, for most consumers that just want to occasionally kill time, this is hardly noticeable during gameplay.

The menus screen.

Once the user has successfully signed in, a regular menu is displayed. The two main options are large and the center of attention: multiplayer and singleplayer. These two buttons will allow you to then decide which kind of game you would like to play. Along the top bar are less prominent options such as settings, items, ranks, and your profile. When in either multiplayer or singleplayer, this top bar changes color schemes to house the buttons for each specific game mode. Despite the many buttons, widgets, and options, the menus are clean and easy to navigate without losing any functionality.

Graphics ★★★★½


The audio in HR Battle 2 successfully complements the gameplay and graphics. On the menu screen, some fun, fast-paced background music plays to get the user ready to game. Unfortunately, this music does not continue into gameplay. It is then replaced by either your own library, if any, with the addition of effects. Unlike the background music, these sound effects play throughout the game and change depending on the action. This includes every crack of the bat, crash of the scoreboard, collision of the foul poles, etc. These effects contribute to the overall theme of the game and can be adjusted in the options.

Audio ★★★★½


Homerun Battle 2 absolutely excels at replay value. The three modes of single player can always be played since it they are mini games and do not have complete storyline, similar to games like Doodle Jump. The multiplayer feature also has three separate modes. Within each mode, you can only face other players in your rank so that a fair match can be played. However, if you are up for the challenge, you can play against users of any rank, which is helpful for battling friends. Furthermore, there are many items, characters, and achievements to unlock. Overall, Homerun Battle 2 will keep any consumer busy for an indefinite amount of time in order to rank higher and higher in the leader boards.

The Leader Board.

Replay ★★★★★


Despite this game’s sizable replay value, the question still remains; is it worth the hefty price of five dollars? This may seem like a lot for just a complex mini game, but, as previously stated, the gameplay is quite extensive and will last the user countless hours of entertainment before boredom – especially for baseball fans. The game also has its downfalls. This includes graphics that are not eye-popping. Also, some users will be disappointed in the fact that the game is unrealistic and strictly a complex mini game. However, HR Battle 2 is well worth the five dollars to any fan who is tired of dry simulation games.

Value ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

If you have some spare cash lying around in your iTunes account, and you are a baseball fan who has some time kill, Homerun Battle 2 is a must have. I love how Com2uS took the Homerun Derby and added a twist with tons of replay. Users who are not sport fans may be lenient on grabbing this game due to the large price. However, if the developers at Com2uS lower the price tag at all, it will be a steal for practically any customer.

Final Score

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