Chpwn to Release “Coolest” iOS Tweak Today

Over the past week, the jailbreak community has waited in anticipation for iOS hacker chpwn’s promise of releasing, in the words of hacker Steven Troughton-Smith, the “coolest” jailbreak tweak ever. Following the release of Spire, a legal Siri port, many people thought that this was what chpwn has been promising all along.

According to chpwn, however, that does not appear to be the reality. Last night, in multiple tweets, the iOS hacker stated that the tweak he has been working on has yet to be released. The good news is that he plans on showing it off sometime today. What is it going to be?

So… Spire was cool and all, but that wasn’t the /really/ cool thing I have to release. :) … This one @stroughtonsmith said is “the *coolest* iOS jailbreak tweak”. I, of course, agree. ;) But I’m tired, you’ll see it tomorrow. ;P


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