iOSPromo: Free Apps, Tweaks and Themes for iOS

Many prominent members of the jailbreak community, including past members of TweakWeek, have joined forces to offer free apps, tweaks, and themes for iOS devices. According to iDownloadBlog, jailbreak developers Filippo Bigarella, David Ashman, Yllier, and Elias Limneos are among those giving away several of their jailbreak packages on Cydia to their Twitter followers.

The giveaway, called iOSPromo, is taking place for one week and has a countdown on its official website to show when it will be ending; as of this writing, there is currently over 6 days and 11 hours remaining until the giveaway is finished. A total of 65 tweaks are being given away, ranging from just over two dollars to eight dollars each. To enter the giveaway, one must follow all of the developers involved in the promotion, plus re-tweet a phrase on Twitter.

[iOSPromo via iDownloadBlog]

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