Chpwn Working on the “Coolest iOS Jailbreak Tweak”

A few days ago, iOS hacker chpwn excited the iOS and jailbreak communities by promising to release “something very cool” within the coming days. Bases on a series of tweets to follow, it appears that he will be releasing a jailbreak tweak of some sort very soon. iOS hacker Steven Troughton-Smith is currently beta testing whatever chpwn may have created, referring to it as “the coolest iOS jailbreak tweak.”

Grant Paul, as chpwn is named, says that he is currently working on a few finishing touches for the tweak. Twitter speculators continue to uphold their beliefs that the tweak may be a fully working Siri port or untethered jailbreak for iOS 5, which would certainly be an awesome holiday treat; however, don’t be too disappointed if neither is released. Patience is a virtue.


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