Editorial: What Makes Tiny Wings a Successful iOS Title

One of the first App Store titles that I downloaded when I purchased my iPhone 4 was Tiny Wings by a German developer named Andreas Illiger. After playing the game for several months, it has become one of my most favorite iOS titles since the App Store debuted over three years ago.

Even Apple has recognized the success of Tiny Wings, awarding the game with an honorable mention for App Store game of the year in its App Store Rewind 2011 annual feature. Illiger has put forth a significant amount of dedication and effort towards the development of Tiny Wings, something that is evident in all aspects of the game. Without further adieu, here are my top three reasons why I love Tiny Wings so much:

1. It’s Simple - Tiny Wings offers a very simple and uncluttered user experience, which makes it great for on-the-go gaming. When you play Tiny Wings, the game literally consists of tapping your right index finger on your iOS device’s screen to make the in-game bird slide through hilly terrain and fly through the sky. Whether you have five minutes or one hour to spare, Tiny Wings is a pick-up-and-play style of game that people of all ages can enjoy. The objective of the game is very easy to understand—simply make the bird fly as far as possible before the sun goes down. My three-year-old cousin could play Tiny Wings. Reasons two and three after the break.

2. It’s Addicting - Before you purchase Tiny Wings, you should consider the amount of time that you’ll consume playing the game; if you’re like me, it’s a ridiculously high amount. Tiny Wings has great replay value in the sense that its thirty-plus objectives of increasing difficulty require a significant amount of time and skill to achieve. You’ll have to play Tiny Wings for a long time to get a better understanding of how to time the landing of a bird perfectly, as objectives such as reaching the ninth island or scoring 175,000 points are easier said than done. Furthermore, you’ll always be striving to beat your own personal high scores and individual game statistics, including most coins eaten, furthest distance reached, longest time spent in fever mode, and highest number of cloud touches. You’ll find that Tiny Wings is an incredibly addictive game that can easily pass an hour—or two, or three.

3. It’s Affordable - At just 99 cents, Tiny Wings is affordable and offered at the lowest possible price that Apple permits on the App Store for paid apps. Yet, despite its low price point, Tiny Wings delivers far beyond expectations. The game has relaxing gameplay, smooth and dynamic graphics, and a wingless bird reminiscent of the “little engine that could.” Plus, supporting the independent developer in Andreas Illiger is certainly better in my books than contributing to Goliath-sized publishers like EA Mobile and Gameloft.

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