Scrivener Coming to iOS, Android

Scrivener, one of the most beloved Mac (and as of late, Windows) apps is making its way down to the two most prevalent mobile platforms soon. Scrivener is one of the most popular and useful tools to create anything from a play, to a short story, to an entire novel. It is a word processor, but one that was designed to focus on long-form writing and layout, and has been used by various authors over the years.

The developers haven’t given any specific timeline, but they do believe it will be released sometime in 2012, barring any unforeseen issues:

It’s still early days, though – we are about to embark on the design process proper, and all we can say in terms of a release date is that our iPad and iPhone versions will be out some time in 2012.

It’s always interesting to see such high-profile productivity apps making their way to devices like the iPhone and iPad, which many would argue aren’t ideal devices for creating content. Maybe that will begin to change as new features and ways to interact come into their own.

There is also an Android version in the cards, though it is even further from development than the iOS versions:

To those asking about an Android version, this is on our radar too, don’t worry. We have to take it one step at a time, though. Our design process for iOS will take Android into consideration (although our iOS version will be Cocoa and native), and we hope to investigate Android in more detail later in 2012.

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