Accessory Review: iQase OPaq

Silicone cases have always been one of the cheapest options for any case. Due to this fact, they also prove to be very unreliable in the long run. TPU offers better protection and quality than most silicon cases while still being able to keep the thin profile and flexibility of silicone cases. On top of that, they normally feature the same stress-free, worry-free installation. iQase’s OPaq offers users a higher quality TPU case that offers good protection along with a decent design.  Read on for the full review:


As with most TPU cases, the iQase provides four color options to match your personality and taste: charcoal black, transparent white, celestial blue, and sweet pink. Although a nice option, this isn’t the only thing that helps the design of the case.

Rear view of the case

Since I am a simplistic person, I chose the Opaq case which is name after its translucent properties. On the case’s back, there is the iQase logo which is branded on the bottom with glittery sparkles that transcends throughout the layer. On the reverse side, the case is marked with grooves for aesthetic appeal.

Side view of how the case covers the volume rocker and the lock switch.

The volume controls appears to be covered with a transparent plastic. Since this case was designed for the iPhone 4, on AT&T networks, the volume buttons are misaligned on the CDMA iPhone. As for the mute switch, the case bares an opening that provides easy access.

Top side of the case.

The power button is also covered with the same plastic that covered the volume buttons. However, unlike the the volume buttons, the power button on the case was not obtrusive and did not hinder its use. On the contrary, the plastic buttons actually helps the iPhone’s power button keep from getting scratched.

Bottom view of the case.

Looking at the bottom, I wasn’t delighted to find that the bottom of the iPhone was left exposed for docking. Even though parts of it are exposed, the majority is still covered up. This allows the perfect mix of protection and usability.

The bezel of the case.

Design: ★★★★


Since the case was made out of TPU, it is quite flexible. Unlike other materials, the case has no chance of cracking or ripping, unless it is forcefully cut. The entire iPhone is basically covered from top to bottom. Besides a couple of openings for the headphone jack, camera, dock connectors, and speakers, the entire iPhone is basically protected. The front of the iPhone still remains protected due to the bezel of the OPaq.

Although this case will protect plenty from scratches, it will not protect your iPhone from hard impacts. This is a common trait among silicone and TPU cases alike. Actually, comparing two cases of the same thickness, a silicone case will provide better impact absorption while the TPU will provide better scratch protection.

Protection: ★★★★


The case will cost you $10.99. TPU cases can typically be found at a wild range of prices that range anywhere from just a few pennies to 20 bucks. Being around the median of the prices, it does seem decently priced. The case is also washable so if it gets dirty, you can always throw it in the washer and preserve your investment. Although it has a few hinders with the lack of support for the Verizon iPhone and lack of impact protection, it still offers good style and an upgrade from most silicone cases.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

iQase ventures into the case industry with a different mindset by allowing consumers to get a stylish look for their case. It may have a couple small problems, but overall, this case does have good qualities to it. If you want to try out a flexible, durable, and appealing case, then this is a case for you.

Thanks to iQase Support for sending out the product sample.

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