Accessory Review: iSuper RC Helicopter

Attacking the skies with remote helicopters can become quite difficult if you ever lose that remote. iSuper fixes this problem by using your iDevice as a remote with conjunction with an app in the App Store that will, in the end, use your Bluetooth to control the ‘copter. It’s a great toy for anyone who wants to kill time.  Read on for the full review:

In The Box

  • iSuper Helicopter
  • Extra Tail Rotor
  • Charger
  • Instructions


The iSuper Helicopter is designed similar to many other 3 channel micro helicopters, but it uses Bluetooth as its controls. The manufacturer decided to go with a yellow and black color scheme for the whole helicopter. Just like other micro helicopters, it was designed to be flown inside. Although it can be flown outside, it is not optimized for hectic weather conditions. During outdoor tests, the performance was not as favorable when compared to the indoor ones. The iSuper helicopter has two flashing LEDs to help you guide your product.

The skids, which are the long aluminum rods at the bottom of the heli, are held to the body by plastic. Since the skids provide balance to the helicopter, any sudden jerks from wind can easily set the iSuper off balance.

Canopy of the iSuper.

Since it’s just for show, the plastic canopy window is opaque and black. Looking at the sides of the canopy, the flame design is easily recognized. It gives the sense that the helicopter is ready for takeoff.

The blades on the helicopter.

At the top, the iSuper is a co-axial, so it has two blades and a balancer. The bottom blade is more rigid and doesn’t move vertically, yet the top blade is much more flexible and moves vertically. Both blades are positioned at an angle. The balancer can be placed in several different areas, but Wireless Input took the decision to have it placed on the top.

The tail boom, and rotor.

Moving towards the right, the tail boom is designed out of aluminum with two supporting poles. The next part is the tail rotor; this is designed to control the movements of the heli. This small piece controls the whole helicopter.

Overall, the design of the iSuper helicopter is similar to many other helicopters of its class. In doing this, there were no obvious flaws in the design.

Design: ★★★★★


The iSuper helicopter is controlled by the iDevice, so it uses an app to relay commands from the device to the helicopter. Alongside the basic controls, such as throttle and direction, the app has many extra features. Setting up the connection between the device and helicopter is an easy process. Once both devices are on and paired over bluetooth, just open the app, and you are ready for takeoff.

Main control screen.

At the left, you have the throttle control which changes the altitude of the helicopter. The throttle has to be pulled up to at least 70% for the helicopter to actually take flight. On the right, the joystick controls the direction of the iSuper by controlling the tail rotor. It’s frustrating for beginners to deal with the joystick, This is because moving the joystick up doesn’t mean you’re actually moving it straight up. Instead, you can be moving it to the side, which will cause the helicopter to spin to the side. The trim option at the bottom helps if the helicopter veers to the left or right when it is not intended to. Matching the trim to the direction that the heli moves gives a more center balance. At the right corner, the tilt option allows you to use the device’s accelerometer to replace the joystick control. One flaw to this option is that it can be accidentally pressed without the user knowing. This can cause unpredicted movements from the heli.

The music button at the top opens another array of settings. In this menu, you can add songs to listen while you fly, control the volume, and adjust accelerometer settings. The record button allows the user to simply record a flight pattern and play it back at a later flight. The bottom button allows the helicopter to slowly descend in case you are about to make a sudden crash.

Using the controls takes some getting used to, and it is quite difficult when you’re a beginner. However, once you are comfortable, it becomes quite easy. Despite this, there are several flaws such as the displaced tilt option.

Features: ★★★★


This helicopter is one of the most resilient toys I have every used. The iSuper helicopter is made to take a beating, and it has no problem crashing into walls, falling onto cement floors, or hitting the ceiling. One of its neat features is that the motors will turn off if it crashes to prevent further damage. The blades are quite flexible, which reduces its chances of breaking. Wireless Input put in the extra effort to make such a well built device.

The chipped blades.

Once the heli has taken a beating, the blades begin to chip off. Wireless Input doesn’t supply extra blades for the main rotors, which could have alleviated this issue. Even with this aesthetic flaw, the helicopter still fully operates.

Build: ★★★★½


The iSuper helicopter by Wireless Input will run you around $60. It is quite a pretty penny to pay for a RC helicopter, even one that is controlled by an iDevice. One of its competitors, the Griffin HeloTC, is noticeably cheaper. Although not everyone can afford this, I would definitely recommend this over other 3 channel helis I’ve experienced. With the iSuper, you don’t need an extra controller; all you need is your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. The iSuper also succeeds in entertaining family members and friends alike. Also, it packs a greats build quality so the fun will last a long time.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever been interested in RC helicopters, or any RC toy for that matter, the iSuper helicopter is worth a glance. You can get a lot of enjoyment out of this heavy duty helicopter. Although it comes at an expensive cost, it’s still a neat toy to have and play with.

I would like to thank Wireless Input Incorporated for sending out the product sample.

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