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Themes are generally used for one of two purposes, to show off something you may consider interesting, like Hayley Williams or Battlefield 3, or to make your experience better by using a design that is simplistic, minimalistic, or has a color scheme that fits your style. Most of the themes that are based around specific things, such as video games or famous stars, aren’t very visually appealing. Glasklart HD breaks that trend with the use of transparent icons allowing your wallpaper to become the center of attention while also maintaining a sleek look that meets midway by both blending in with and setting itself apart from the wallpaper.  Read on for the full review:


Glasklart HD comes with 2850 icons. Icon variety is very important because unthemed icons appear to be erratic. There is also a bundled GUI that covers the music controls as well as pop-up alerts. The developers said the GUI would be updated on a “when-it’s-done” basis. They still have not updated the theme for iOS 5. Although the GUI works, the Reminders, Music, and Videos apps still remain untouched.
There’s not much difference between the controls on an unthemed taskbar and a themed taskbar. I wasn’t able to tell right away.
The theme does not have any icon overlays since it is theoretically impossible to do. If a certain app is not within the included icons, you’re not necessarily out of luck. You can request any icon to be themed over in the Glasklart HD thread at

The theme has options enabling its lockscreen slider, chat bubbles, notification badges, folder themes, as well as a live clock. They all fit in with the theme very nicely and look great, although the folder theme only themes the icon.

The lockscreen slider fits in with the overall design of this theme very nicely.
There is an HD version of the theme as well as an SD version. The creator of the theme, Max Rudberg, did not include any wallpapers within the theme. However, he provides a website in which there are many, many wallpapers with different color schemes;

Features: ★★★★½


The design of this theme is unique to say the least. The translucent icons allow your wallpaper to shine through. One advantage of this is that your icons will always match your wallpaper; so the theme still looks fresh, even if you change your wallpaper.
The folder icon is themed, however the inside of the folder is not.
The embossed transparent icons have a white, matte image in them depicting what the icon is of. The icons really do look pleasing to the eye. The use of a two tone color scheme within the theme allows icons to be simple yet convey the the app they are representing well.

The icons that aren’t themed are very noticeable.
Although a GUI is present, it only covers a miniscule portion of the interface. Furthermore, the design to these elements could have been better. I didn’t even notice that the switcher music controls were themed until I looked at an unthemed multitask bar. The chat bubbles function the same way, they’re almost unnoticeable. On the other hand, the themed pop-up notifications are very noticeable.

The pop up notifications go along with the matte, soft design of the theme very nicely.

The wallpapers on are designed very beautifully. Since no wallpaper is included, I highly recommend downloading your wallpapers from that site. There are many colors to chose from on the site as well. The wallpaper looks like sunshine beaming down on water. The color variants such as purple, green etc, are each similar besides the color used. Even if you don’t use a wallpaper from Maxthemes, this theme will still complement any wallpaper.

Design: ★★½


The number of subthemes within the theme is immense. This gives the theme so many options for customization which make the theme very modular. This can be both a positive and a negative, because even though it gives many, many options to the user, it is a bit of a hassle to set it up.

My main grunt with this theme is that there are no icon overlays. Making a suitable overlay for this theme would be almost impossible, but unthemed icons just look too out of place.

What contributes to this issue even more is that when you first install the theme, the transparent icons will have black, opaque icons instead of clear, transparent ones.. The fix to this is that you have to rename a certain file on your device. This fixes the issue, but it causes every single icon to lose its rounded edges. This makes the icons that are unthemed look even worse and even more awkward. The only way I could deal with this is to move all the apps that are not themed to a folder. This process takes a long time; it wouldn’t be necessary if there were more themed icons.

Unthemed icons along with transparency bug can make certain pages look hectic. However, putting these icons inside a folder is a suitable solution.

There were several things that did not work on my device. The mail app and music app both were not themed. The GUI elements included were very sparse, and my music, mail, and videos app were unthemed. I also noticed that when I push down on an icon, it does not become shadowed like it would with the stock theme on. Once again, this is because I am using iOS 5 and the theme has not been updated. Had the developer updated the theme to compensate for differently named stock icons, then the mentioned components would have been themed. When I used to use this theme on my iDevice with a 4.x firmware, all of these functioned correctly. However, it doesn’t look like there’s a planned update for compatibility with iOS 5.

After using this theme quite a bit with an iPhone 4, I didn’t notice my device acting any slower than it was before. I also didn’t notice any decrease in the amount of free RAM I had available. Overall the theme is easy on the hardware.

Performance: ★★½


This theme is free, but is it really worth your time and effort to download and install it? In short, yes it is. Although there isn’t an immense number of add-ons and there are some compatibility issues, the theme really is the first and only theme I have seen to show off what your beautiful wallpaper. If you think there really isn’t any theme that suits you, then you should give this theme a whirl.

Value: ★★

Final Thoughts

This theme promises to show off your wallpaper, and it does that very well. It’s very disappointing to see that there are so many icons that are not themed, and that’s even exaggerated more heavily by the fact that to get the theme to work, you sacrifice rounded edges. It would have also been very nice to see more support for this theme, as well as more add-ons and compatibility.

Final Score

Glasklart HD

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