Accesory Review: Moshi iGlaze 4

If you’re looking for a snap on case that isn’t extravagant, the iGlaze 4 by Moshi is a great option. The goal of the case is to obtain the simplest form factor while providing adequate protection.  While providing a great design, this case may fall behind on protection, but still hold it’s own in overall value.  Read on for the full review:

In The Box

  • Rear Snap On Case
  • Rear Film Protector
  • Micro-Fiber Cloth

The Moshi iGlaze comes with a few extra accessories.


The iGlaze offers a design that not only looks nice, but is easy to attach to the iPhone as well as remove. The rear of the case comes in a single, matte color while the edges attempt to retain the metallic siding that is found on the iPhone 4. Moshi offers users a variety of colors to choose from which are, but not limited to: white, black, red, purple, silver, and clear.

The side of the case attempts to retain the same metallic frame that is found on the iPhone.

Moshi engineered this case with simple characteristics that looks clean, and undisturbed. Although the colored design does look clean, the exposed Apple logo on the back may not agree with the color of the case. The Moshi logo is printed in a more camoflauged manner towards the bottom of the case.

The case looks very sleek on the iPhone, and has a hole to allow the Apple logo to still shine through.

There are openings for the camera, buttons, and dock connector as well. None of the buttons were hard to access since almost the entire top and bottom of the case are exposed allowing access to the power button and headphone jack on the top end, as well as the dock, speaker, and microphone on the bottom.

Openings for the volume control and top.

The iGlaze 4 doesn’t add much bulk to the iPhone keeping the thin profile of the iPhone almost entirely intact. The simplistic sleek design works wonders, but the exposed Apple logo may or may not work well with the actual color of the case.

Design: ★★★★½


The entire front side of the case really isn’t protected at all.

Following the thin design of the case, the entire screen of the iPhone is left exposed. Although Moshi provides a screen protector for the back, the entire front side of the iPhone is left open to any elements that can scratch the case.

The case is made out of a thin sheet of hardened plastic that is flimsy. The flimsy plastic feels as if it would snap easily. Although the case is brittle, it can still protect your iPhone from bumps, drops, and scratches. Even though it feels as if it could crack while doing it, better it’s the case that cracks and not the iPhone.

Protection: ★★★½


Although the case has a hefty MSRP at $25, it still has great value at this price if you’re looking for design. Although a read-end screen protector is included with the case, the entire front side of the iPhone is left exposed which is counterproductive. However, the staple of this case is its design, which is where this case really excels.  Although looks won’t entirely cover the 25 dollar price tag, it does help it out a lot.

Value: ★★★½

Final Thoughts

Costing around 25, the case is definitely worth the price if you are looking specifically for a simplistic design, and fit. The case does offer minimal thinness, but with that thinness comes a loss of overall protection. In essence, this case will provide near perfect looks on your iPhone, but leaves much of the iPhone exposed.

I would like to thank Melissa for the product sample.

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