TextMate 2 Hits Public Alpha

Programmers, start your compilers! Version two-point-oh of TextMate, the “missing editor” for OS X which was originally announced five long years ago, is now available in alpha form (as promised!). The editor features a split-pane view, support for full-screen in Lion, and a number of performance enhancements to boost your productivity. In order to activate the alpha, you must have a license key for the original TextMate, which costs $54.

If you’re coding an automated cooling system for a nuclear reactor in a production environment, it’s probably a good idea to steer clear until the program becomes stable.

The excitement for a new version has been tremendous and today we’re finally able to repay the much appreciated loyalty and moral support from the community by releasing the first public alpha: TextMate 2.0 alpha (r8930).


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