Application Review: Geomonsters

A twist on the classic Pokemon play-style, Geomonsters adds GPS functionality to “search” for nearby monsters. Its intrinsic use of a navigation system is innovative, adding a fresh note to the somewhat trite feel of Pokemon. Whether the implementation succeeds, however, is a different question; read on for the full review:


Geomonsters adopts a traditional turn-based fighting system for monster battles, placing two monsters face-to-face with animations accompanying attacks. Four “moves” can be learned by your monsters and used in battle. These “moves” can be used by simply tapping them from a two-by-two menu. It’s a platitudinous style, echoing Pokemon—and this is a fact that cannot be stressed enough: Geomonsters is essentially a stripped-down version of Pokemon. It’s not to say, though, that there aren’t any new features: GPS integration, a shoutbox, and online battling have been added to supplement the gameplay.

Monsters are found by turning on locations services and allowing Geomonsters to randomize spawns. With “bait”, you can instantly summon a few monsters to capture or fight, with their strength determined by the bait quality. A minor annoyance in the app is the perpetual existence of advertisements when searching for nearby monsters—this is a paid app, after all.

Diverging from its retro roots, Geomonsters offers a shoutbox for the entire community to pool their knowledge. In this way, it’s like a virtual chat room exists within the app.

Virtual chat room!

Geomonsters allows for online battling—that is, you can contest with people across the world, putting money on the line. Any cash not saved in the bank can be plundered on a whim, so remembering to store your it is very important.

A severe, game-breaking handicap is the abysmally slow loading speed. With the end of every turn, a loading screen obtrusively appropriates half of the screen for itself, pausing the game for an indeterminable amount of time. A battle’s length is increased exponentially by this in-game process, delaying actual gameplay considerably.

Gameplay: ★★★


The visuals in Geomonsters are decent: neither phenomenal nor atrocious. The lifelike realism present in a few apps does not exist in Geomonsters—creatures and backgrounds are obviously fake. Its vividly colored creatures and quirky drawings rather suit the game though. In essence, the graphics of Geomonsters are middle-of-the-line, offering nothing spectacular other than simple synergy.

Geomonster’s graphics; average, to say the least.

Graphics: ★★★★


Within Geomonsters exist specific challenges, which can be replayed indefinitely to “grind” experience for your monsters. This game has the capability to be interesting, but the implementation of various annoyances, like advertisements and server caching, take away from its overall enjoyability. Thus, it has a rather interesting fundamental concept, but in practical gameplay it’s lacking.

People you can challenge.

Replay: ★★★½


At $.99, Geomonsters is definitely among the cheapest of the paid apps. Its rather trite gameplay and prominent in-game advertisements take away from the value, though, making it somewhat of a hard-to-justify app. Overall, its an app to consider buying if you have a bit of extra money to spend.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

Geomonsters is an interesting app; it has the fundamental principles of Pokemon melded with online play and location services, but its implementation of these same principles are rather poorly done. It has the potential to be a stellar application, but at the moment it’s sub-par; with time and effort on the developer’s part, I can see this becoming an incredible game.


Overall Score:

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