One Elastic Makes Close-Up iPhone Photography a Breeze

Transform your photos from “meh” to “awesome.” Perhaps the most simplistic photography accessory available on the market, the Macro Cell Lens Band does exactly what its name implies; it is an elastic band with a macro lens that wraps around your iPhone’s camera to help improve the focus, clarity, and sharpness of photos taken.

While most third-party camera accessories for iPhone are bulky or unpractical, this simplistic elastic band is a quick solution for taking great close-up shots with your iPhone.

When you’re not using the band, you can either wear it on your wrist or wrap it around the included plastic card for storage; alternatively, you could also simply put it into your pocket or wallet. The Macro Cell Lens Band is sold by Photojojo for $15, but is currently out of stock, presumably because of high demand. Photojojo claims that the elastic band will fit any phone, which is great news for those without an iPhone.

Photograph taken with Macro Cell Lens Band

This lens will transform your cell phone photos from meh to awesome by giving you stunningly sharp details. See the curious detail of your own eye, get a close-up of the sprinkles on your ice cream cone or see what an ant’s face really looks like!

Keep it around a card in your wallet or on your wrist for easy access. The band slides onto your phone in an instant, so you won’t miss any more shots fumbling for a lens!

[Photojojo via The Verge]

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