Logic Pro 9 and MainStage 2 Posted to the Mac App Store

As noted by Mac Rumors, Apple has just released their professional digital audio workstation software on the Mac App Store. This shows that the company is still progressing towards the cloud’s potential by unifying all of their apps to be available online. You may remember that previously, all of Apple’s Mac apps were only available on tactile CD ROMs — but things have changed a lot since those days. Apple currently has a total of seventeen applications available on the Mac App Store, and there will surely be more coming in the future.

Logic Pro 9 is $199 and MainStage 2 is a surprising $29.99. If you play at some live concerts, then MainStage is a great budget tool to assist you with your performances. Logic Pro 9 is better for serious professionals who need some real recording power and will utilize the full potential of a DAW. When comparing each app to its CD predecessor, there is no difference whatsoever in features or ability, meaning that you’re not missing out on anything.

Sadly, the apps don’t show the familiar “Installed” button in the Mac App Store if you own Logic Studio 9. We’re not yet sure if it shows up for Pro folks, but let us know what you unearth.

[Mac Rumors]

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