U.S. Cellular Claims the iPhone Isn’t Cutting Edge Enough

According to U.S. Cellular, Apple’s iPhone isn’t “cutting edge” enough for the regional carrier to launch the smartphone on its network. According to U.S. Cellular’s CEO, Ted Carlson, the company was offered to begin selling the non-LTE version of the handset, but denied the opportunity.

U.S. Cellular is the sixth-largest mobile carrier in the United States, behind nationwide networks such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Its network serves about 6.1 million Americans in half of the country’s states.

“We’re never going to say never about the iPhone. The iPhone for us would need to be at the cutting edge of where we’re going, and then there might be an opportunity to consider it.” U.S. Cellular revealed last month that it had the opportunity to sell the current, non-LTE iteration of the iPhone but decided against it because it was not the right economic fit for the regional carrier.


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