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It’s the middle of the football season once again, and all the great stars are back, whether it be a wide receiver like Calvin Johnson, an all-around runner like Forte, or even a crazy punt returner like Hester, none of these players will stand a chance if there is no Quarter back. NFL Flick Quarterback doesn’t put you in the shoes of the quarterback; instead, you become the quarterback. Don’t let the pressure get to you or you’ll be benched!  Read on for the full review:


The gameplay is actually quite simple, and it can be summed up into one quick small sentence: in NFL Flick Quarterback you become the quarterback and lead your team to victory. OK, not exactly, you lead yourself to victory by gaining points.

Your team mate will do his own celebration after they score a touchdown, but it won’t be worth a mere 6 points, it’ll be worth much more.

The entire game puts a nice arcade approach to it. You’ll gain points for various actions, like the distance you throw the ball, how accurately you throw it, the spin that the ball has, along with various other things. As you throw better balls and get more catches in a chain, your multiplier goes up and allows you to really explode your score to the ceiling. You get 3 total mistakes to make, whether it be an interception, or an incomplete. However, after a certain number of catches in a chain, you can regain one of these mistakes to theoretically keep the game going forever.

Just like real life, the more open your receiver is, the more chance you have of catching the ball.

There are a total of 4 game modes for players to attempt. They must be unlocked through playing the game and advancing your QB’s rank:

  • Basic Skills: This is the tutorial, learn how to play the game or refresh if you ever forget.
  • Playmaker: The basic game where you pass the ball to a moving receiver. Make the play, get the touchdown, score some points!
  • Trick Shot: Throw the ball into a standing bucket; this requires full accuracy. You have five “downs” to get the ball into the bucket, can you do it?
  • Trick Shot XL: An advanced version of Trick Shot. You must throw the ball into the glowing bucket in the set. This will explode the other buckets around it. Missing all of the buckets results in a loss of a ball out of a total of 3. Clear the buckets to continue on.

There are no controls that clutter up the screen, so you can focus on the throw you’re about to make; remember, patience is a virtue.

The controls are as straight forward as the actual gameplay is. I really can’t get any simpler, or even more natural for that matter. The entire control scheme takes advantage of the iPods swipe interface. Using various swipes you can control the QB’s jukes, spins, and throws. The controls are really quite straight forward:

  • Swipe left of right: Don’t get sacked! Juke or spin using a quick left or right swipe!
  • Swipe up: this throws the ball. Naturally, the ball will follow the path of your swipe, so you can swipe up towards the left or right to get the ball where you need it. The harder the swipe, the further you bomb the ball!
  • Swipe any direction while the ball is airborn: this will allow you to slightly influence where the ball goes after you throw it.

Juking a Packer is always just fun to do, they don’t have nothing on the Bears! With NFL Flick QB, this juke is as simple as a flick to the right!

Overall, the gameplay is just fun, and addicting at the same time allowing you to really bring out your inner quarterback. It requires you have a vision of the field and can avoid the hit, but still get the ball off accurately. The controls have a really natural flow to them which really makes the gameplay a touchdown.

Gameplay: ★★★★★


NFL Flick’s graphics are almost as perfect as the gameplay. They also do an amazing job of keeping the arcade feel to the entire game. I would really say that FullFat games did a terrific job at the graphics. Are they extremely detailed Infinity Blade graphics? No. Do they need to be? No.

The graphics offer ample details to the player and look extremely crisp and clean on the iPod’s retina display. The colors are vivid and bright to add to the entire arcade feel of the game. Player celebrations last forever and the animations themselves are smooth as a hot knife cutting through butter. The entire graphics give the game a 100%, authentic arcade feel to it from the animations to the fireworks at the end of every touchdown.

Although not as detailed as games like Inifnity Blade, the graphics give you ample details to really allow the inner-beauty to shine. Just look at the determination in the thrower’s face.

The menus are made to be straight-forward and simple as well. The main, upper part of the menus allow you to scroll through the various game modes. This allows you to quickly start playing without having to traverse through menus. The lower portion of the menus allow you to view various different things, like the settings and Gamecenter information.

The menus are really basic, even a caveman can figure it out!

Overall, the game graphically continues on the arcade style with good, not-overly-done visuals to please the player. The animations can be obnoxiously fun at times, but that all adds to the main mission of the game’s graphics, to be fun. I really can’t find a flaw in the graphics with the intent in mind; FullFat games had a goal to achieve with the graphics and they succeeded.

Graphics: ★★★★★


Like the graphics and gameplay, the audio continues in the arcade-styled footsteps of the entire game. This really helps get the message across that this isn’t a 100% accurate simulation; instead, more of a fun, action-filled arcade game. The audio really does just that.

The background music has more of a rock theme to it that really fits the NFL style of music. It doesn’t really get repetitive, although they aren’t large in number. They are quicker, upbeat songs with strong guitars that shred in a beautiful manner. Although you don’t notice it, the game could use a little more background music.

Where the main sounds come in are in the sound effects. The grunts of the players can be heard. You can hear the receiver collapse to the ground as they dive to make that hard catch. The grunts of the defenders, and offenders, fill the air. The fireworks at touchdown give life to the game once again. Commentary fills the air to tell you about every juke you do, every spin, and every pass that is made to the deep end. FullFat didn’t hold back on the sound effects to give it a 100%, authentic arcade feel.

Audio: ★★★★½


Addictions would make a great middle name for FullFat’s NFL Flick QB. It really allows the replay value to accelerate. Without it, the game would go nowhere at all. There is no main game; instead, you are given 3 mini-games and a tutorial to crush through.

Leaderboards are there to keep you going, along with the additional achievements. However, these can only get someone so far. No one will want to play unless the game has that addiction factor. I do wish that they would add some additional modes of play. Some ideas to throw in the air would be something like:

  • Timed mode: score as many points in a given amount of time.
  • Multiplayer: two players fire off, face-to-face, in a timed mode mentioned above.

Leaderboards only get you so far, pinning players against each other live is where it should be at!

These small little additions would just about make the game perfect. I wouldn’t really mind a gameday type thing either where you are faced off against the team that you are about to face that week.

Despite needing some extra modes of gameplay, the addiction factor of this game really brings it far and can still earn NFL Flick QB a high score in this category.

Replay: ★★★★½


Currently, NFL Flick QB will run your wallet 3 bucks total. This may seem expensive for a simple arcade game. However, it’s still worth every penny. The game is just well developed with amazingly fun gameplay, graphics and audio that is sure to kill hours of your life. I know it has done so for me already. Just don’t get pre-occupied with the game or you’ll fall behind in life; believe me, it’s really easy for that to happen with this game. You don’t need to be a true football fan to enjoy this game, it’s just entertaining.

Value: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

Football enthusiast and casual gamers alike can definitely enjoy NFL flick to its fullest potential. The game developed by FullFat games is really just fun, entertaining, and enjoyable all at the same time. The game is able to keep any player on their feet, yet still be relaxing at the same time. NFL Flick Quarterback is just a touchdown! Get it for yourself now and lead your team to victory.

Overall Score

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