Remove the Music App “Store” Button with NoStoreButton

Apple has been trying to increase their iTunes Store purchases by adding a small button to iOS’ music player that leads to the music store app. This can be a bit irritating to some users because, if they’re like I am, they don’t really prefer to buy any music on iTunes unless they’re on a trip with only an iOS device and no computer to sync it with. These users buy music elsewhere mostly because it costs less, or occasionally they prefer the higher quality CD. In any case, a jailbreak tweak called NoStoreButton has been released to remove the store button in iOS’ music app. 
NoStoreButton is extremely helpful for those who accidentally press the store button whilst navigating the music app. There’s a video below from iDownloadBlog describing how the tweak works. If you feel it’s useful, then go download it for free in Cydia today. 


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