iOS 5.1 Beta Blocks Homescreen Settings Toggle


Remember those fun little profiles you could install on your iOS device that would enable settings toggles right on the homescreen? (No, they weren’t truly toggles, just shortcuts that went to Safari and then to the settings app — but they were quite the milestone for profile-based apps.) Well, it’s gone in Apple’s newest mobile operating system. iOS 5.1 beta, which was released just yesterday, revealed several new models of iOS-based devices, along with performance and battery improvements. While these are all great things, some users will surely miss the toggle shortcuts that saved them a few seconds of navigation time. It seems that Apple just doesn’t like it when developers go around them and create a somewhat-new feature.
In any case, iOS 5.1 does bring many other great changes that will be welcomed by the majority of users. It’s just the few who will decide to jailbreak to gain access to quick toggle features, such as those built-in to SBSettings. There’s no final word on the complete blocking of this feature yet, though. You’ll have to wait for the final release to see what actually happens.
[Cult of Mac]
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