Case-Mate Carbon Fiber + Signature Case Review For iPhone 3G

Hello Everybody! Today I will review two very similar cases by Case-Mate. The Carbon Fiber Leather Shell and the Signature Leather Case for the iPhone 3G. The difference in these two? Materials. The two cases are pretty much exactly the same except one is made from Carbon Fiber and the other is made from Leather. The Carbon Fiber Case is available in black, white or silver, while the Signature Leather Case is available in white, black, red (looks more like orange), black with some strange holes, pink and green.

Both cases are a tight fit, and while they don’t feel bulky, have really thick edges around the screen, making it look kind of ugly around the screen. The Signature case is slightly less bulky aro

und the screen and in term looks better. Now they are actually a really nice tight fit, so there is no way you can use a gelaskins or any other protective sticker with this case. It also pulls up my screen protector, so Case-Mate includes a protector that only covers the screen. But, I recommend the power-support screen protectors found at apple store, since they dont go all the way to the edge of the screen, but rather a millimeter or two away, and because of that don’t get pulled up by cases like this.

The Case-Mate cases both cover most of the sides, but like most leather cases are open from the top and up. The Camera has a big cutout around it, instead of a hole. The top is fully exposed as well. The bottom has a nice big central cutout for the dock connector, speakers and microphone. It also has a slot on the side that exposes the volume rocker, and vibrate switch.

Both of the cases also have a line going just under the earpiece. All the sensors are opened though. Now, the reason I personally do not use these cases is because they do not fit with any type of protective sticker. The signature leather case seems to be a bit more tight, and is impossible to use with a protective membrane. The Carbon Fiber Case on the other hand can actually fit some of the protective sticker. On the inside of both cases is the soft material and it has case-mate written all over the inside.

In terms of protection, both cases are great. The Carbon Fiber case is stronger than the Signature Leather case. But the Signature Leather case on the other hand, while still being hard, is wrapped in leather, which is soft and might give you some extra protection.  


Anyways, sorry for the short review.  These are two basic cases, and I recommend them to leather lovers. The Carbon Fiber case is actually rather expensive, and I personally dont think the cost does the case good. It is a great case, but in my opinion, not worth the 50$ price tag. I actually really like the Signature Leather Case more than the Carbon Fiber, and have used it for a couple of days straight.

Overall I give the Carbon Fiber Case a 6/10 and the Signature Leather Case a 7.5/10 , the Carbon Fiber Case scored low because of the high price tag.

Name: Carbon Fiber Leather Case Price: 49.99$ [Buy]
Company: Case-Mate  Extras: Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Squeegee, Screen protector (not full face)
Description: A Case made from expensive, hard, and protective carbon fiber material.
Name: Signature Leather Case Price: 34.99$[Buy]
Company: Case-Mate Extras: Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Squeegee, Screen protector (not full face)
Description: A very nice, form fitting, leather case for the iPhone 3G. Available in 6 colors.
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