Case Mate Clear Armor Review

Hey Everyone! This is going to be a review on the Clear Armor by case-mate. Now I have just applied this armor and noticed many things about it, but I will update this post after time

First of all I would like to say that clear armor covers less than they show on their website. It covers the sides and their bezel, but only goes down the to dock connector and sleep/wake button, so basically it exposes just as much as the gelaskins, but is much harder to apply. On their website they show that it covers around the dock and sleep/wake button, but that is false, or I may have a defective product.


The application process on here was terrible. It took me 2 hours, and I failed and had to throw out one of my clear armors and failed pretty miserably on the second. I got the corners down on the third hour, and was pretty much pleased, but I have some air bubbles that will not go away for sure, and the armor is kind of foggy. I will post pictures after 48 hours when Case-Mate says the armor should clear up. Also one more thing, when you are peeling away from the backing you have to sort of punch out the cutouts, which is probably what ruined my first shield. While peeling back the film from the backing, hold the cutouts out with something small like your squeegee. There is one for the camera hole and volume rocker.

Now, I will be comparing this case with the two biggest competitors in the clear film protective market- Zagg (InvisibleSHIELD) and the Bodyguardz, while I do not have both, I have used iPhone 3Gs with them on, and I can easily compare them (Also, bodyguardz might be sending us a sample, and that will help me compare). Anyway, I made a small “chart” below for each of these competitors

Zagg (InvisibleSHIELD) – 1 set of film, lifetime warranty. That all there is, they are the same quality as the Bodyguardz, but in my opinion overpriced. Also, apparently, Zagg doesn’t know how easy it is to mess up on application. Zagg also has many different pieces to put together, but in the end is easier to apply. (25$, 1 Front, 1 Back)

NLU ( Bodyguardz) – 2 Sets of film, covers just as much as the invisibleSHIELD, and a lifetime warranty. The Bodyguardz are in my opinion the best out of all of these. (25 for 2 fronts, 2 backs)

Clear Armor – 2 sets of film, and has a lifetime warranty if the film gets damaged. Sounds great, but it doesn’t cover as much as the competitors, but is cheaper at 20$. It is actually really difficult to apply, but I have not applied the Zagg or the NLU so I personally don’t know. But, it has one advantage over the other two- It doesn’t have the orange peel effect. The Zagg and the NLU feel like an orange peel and grip to everything, but this one is almost as smooth as the iPhone itself.

Also, the Clear Armor includes one squeegee and a microfiber cloth as well as application solution. If you run out of solution (which happened to me about 5-6 times), just refill with normal water, and you will be fine. I will report back in 24 hours, and then in 48 hours to see how the bubbles cleared up. Remember to comment so we can see that somebody is appreciating our hard work!

*Update* After 24 hours, it cleared up really nicely but still has some bubbles around the bottom part.  Already I can see that I missed up pretty badly, and that I have a small fold between the volume rocker and vibrate switch. I am going to have to peel this off probably, it’s a shame though, this is really nice. I just hope Case-Mate or whichever company sends me some other protective films, since this one did not go to well.

*Update 2*

OK well now thats it, all of my bubbles are gone and it looks beautiful! Other than the flaps on my corners and the fold between my volume rocker and silent switch, its awesome! Unfortunately, the messed up corners really bother me so this shield is coming off. But not to worry, Bodyguardz have agreed to send us a sample! Stay tuned! Pics of the shield’s final result are below. Also, the stuff is like indestructible. I made a video which will be posted soon, I took a pen and with all my force just cant pierce it! Video will be up soon.

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