Speck SwitchWay Review

Hello Everyone! Today’s review will be covering the Speck SwitchWay for the iPhone 3G , which is priced at 35$, but they are having a halloween sale which ends 11/2/08 so get it for only 17$ fast! Also, I would like to thank Speck for sending me this case, they are really taking care of me, I didn’t even ask them for this case and they shipped it out anyway.

The SwitchWay has a really strange design. It is basically for people who cannot decide whether they want to hold their iPhone vertically or horizontally. It really doesn’t make much sense to me, since you must prefer one of the other, and the case sacrifices some thing to allow you to hold it both ways.

The SwitchWay has two flaps that allow you to slide in your iPhone 3G either way. On the opposite side of the flap, there is a belt clip that allows you to hold it on your belt (obviously). The case is sort of like two pieces of material together, Nylon and “Vegetarian Leather”, which I am guessing means synthetic leather. They do a good job of stitching it together, and I actually rather like the yellow stitching they used. Also the case smells terrible, you can smell its horrid nylon stench from 2 meters away, but it luckily fades out after a day.

Leather Side

Leather Side

Nylon Side

Nylon Side

Now, there is a certain way you need to put in your iPhone 3G so your headphone jack and speaker holes are aligned, so it takes a while to get used to how you are supposed to insert your iPhone 3G. Other than that, the belt clips are VERY strong, and they are built-in. The flaps close using a strong magnet lock.

Soft Material On The Inside

Soft Material On The Inside

To remove your iPhone, simply open up the flap and push from the bottom, its easy to do even with one hand. I used it for a day and now can put my iPhone 3G in and out with one hand without looking, but I dont recommend that since if you somehow miss the case and your iPhone 3G falls, that’s it for you. Also, cases do not fit, even the thinnest case I currently have, the Speck SeeThru does not fit, although GelaSkins and sticker-like protectors easily work.

That’s basically all I can think of. I cant really say anything, its just a nice holster. I recommend this for people who cant decide which way to holster their iPhone to, and It is a nice holster overall. For me personally it lost some points because I really dislike magnetic locking mechanisms, but if you don’t care about that, this is a really nice holster, and its easy to use.


  • Speakers can still be heard
  • Can be used both horizontally and vertically
  • Strong, built-in belt clips
  • Easy to insert/remove iPhone 3G from
  • Will NOT open up randomly while you are walking etc.


  • Very strong belt clips, so strong that its hard to put them on your pants
  • Volume up/down not accessible
  • Magnet closing mechanism might harm your iPhone 3G (Fixed in new version, look at the end of the post)
  • Smells really bad the first day
  • Nylon material, I personally don’t like it, would prefer it to be all leather.
  • Sort of bulk

Video coming soon!

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*Edit* Apparently, Speck actually sent us a pre-release case, and the ones that are being sold have a velcro locking system, so your iPhone 3G is safe away from the magnets ;)

Name: SwitchWay Price: $34.95[Buy]
Company: Speck Extras: No extras
Description: A nice holster that can be used both horizontally and vertically.
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