Accessory Review: Proporta Perfora

Hello Everyone! This is a review on the Proporta Perfora for the iPhone 3G. This review is going to be very short, since it is a basic accessory, but will still include everything you need to know.

The Perfora comes in a nice box, but unfortunately includes nothing inside other than the case. The case is a type of slide it in and fold it, and has magnetic latches. That is what frightened me, I had very bad experiences when magnets when I was small, and I don’t really want them to be near any electronic device. It has a very nice clip on the back, which is non removable but it is actually very sturdy. The whole case is made from 100% green leather, and it smells like real leather as well. The case is actually a very high quality, but has some downsides. It will not fit a case, and is not very resistant to cold weather. I found that after it was in the cold for some time the leather stiffened up and stop stretching, but you probably wont store your iPhone in such cold temperatures anyway.

The perfora has a slot in the bottom for pushing the iphone out. You basically open the latch, pull from beneath and take your iPhone out. I am actually really fond of these holster designs, and really like them. The case fully exposes the sleep/wake button, headphone jack, and speakers, which is great for me personally.

As I said before, on the website the case looks black but it is actually a greenish color leather. It has a white strap very similar to the one on the Marware holster cases. It also has a nice metal piece saying Perfora on the front. Overall I think this holster deserves a 8/10, for some minor issues it has


  • Great protection
  • Nice, quality leather
  • Tight clip
  • Fits iPhone and iPhone 3G
  • Very nice, soft, white leather inside


  • Magnetic Closure, I am afraid it may damage my iPhone
  • Cannot stretch enough to fit a case (A thick one, maybe some of the thinner ones will fit)

Overall, if you are in the market looking for a leather holster, this is nice. If you are not afraid of magnetic closure than this is an amazing holster. It has access to all the ports you need if you are listing to music, and has speaker access if someone calls you. You may need to stretch out the leather but after some use it will become very easy to use. Also I forgot to mention that the belt clip is built in.

Name: Perfora Price: $26.95[Buy]
Company: Proporta Extras: No extras
Description: A nice leather holster with magentic locks.
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