Reference to iPhone 5 Found in iOS 5.1 Plist File

Let the games begin! A reference to the next generation iPhone has been found lurking in a plist file for the lastest iOS 5.1 beta. There’s no doubt that the device currently exists in some mutant prototype form, but we probably won’t catch a glimpse of it until the engineering team goes out for drinks. What features the iPhone 5 will have in store is unknown, but a larger screen and 4G capability are at the top of the wish list for many customers. Since the model referenced is listed as 5,1—compared to the iPhone 4 (4,1) and 4S (4,2)—we can safely assume that the phone will gutted with all new internals (A6 CPU, anyone?). Apple’s release cycle is a bit wonky at the moment, so it’s hard to tell when the device will be released, but we’re crossing our fingers for a Summer launch.


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