GelaSkins For iPhone 3G Review!

Hello Everyone. Today’s review is for the GelaSkins for iPhone 3G. I thank GelaSkins for donating some of their skins to me. They sent me two designs, Ink Pond and Landscape XIX, as well as GelaScreens. We will be giving away the Ink Pond GelaSkin. I have used the GelaScreens and can honestly say they are nice screen protectors. Also in this review I am using my camera’s macro function so tell me if you like it!

Anyway, the GelaSkins came in this nice white, cardboard envelope. With each GelaSkin I think you get an included GelaScreen, but I am not sure. They come in very nice packaging, inside a small plastic bag and in there is a piece of cardboard with your GelaSkin. There is also a link to the website on the back where you can go to and receive your free matching wallpaper (or any wallpaper you like).

Now the GelaSkins are pretty hard to apply. But also there are some great things about them. Since they dont use any liquid to activate the adhesive, you don’t have to worry about them drying off, or about water damaging your device. Also since they are not clear, you don’t really need to worry about fingerprints or a tiny speck of dust getting underneath. But still I highly recommend cleaning it off as much as possible.

To apply, peel off the the GelaSkin from the backing. Be careful not to stretch it out. Then line up with the camera hole and try to make it as level to the top of the iPhone 3G as possible. After that , put down the sides and see if it covers /doesn’t reach enough of the chrome bezel. If it doesn’t, peel off and try again. I actually did it, no joke, 15 times peeling back and applying. Just when peeling off be careful not to stretch it. After I finally got it on right, I had some little sharp edges around the corners. Use a credit card to squeegee some of them out. Some of them go away over time, and some stay but they don’t bother me since they are small and invisible to the eye.

Now the reason they are so hard to apply is the tolerance. They are made to PERFECTLY fit the iPhone 3G. They cover the camera hole only exposing the chrome around it, and that’s it. It also goes on the edges right up to the chrome and volume rockers, but doesn’t go over. Click on the picture for full size.

GelaSkins also have great cutouts for the volume rockers and vibrate switch. They give you only enough room, but never actually touch. They curve around the switch and almost touch the volume rocker, covering even more areas that other competitors leave exposed.

Now protection wise they are great. They protect most of the iPhone except the top and bottom areas. They are only 15$ which is cheaper than the InvisibleSHIELD and the NLU Bodyguardz. Now just like those other competitors some cases will not fit. I tried the most form fitting case I had, the Speck SeeThru and that fit. It also fit with the CapsuleRebel. These also do a good job of holding on because they have yet to peel off on me. They are also a great combination with the Moshi iPouch, and they work in sync great. Now texture wise I really like them as well. They are very smooth, but have just a bit of a snakeskin texture. Not the orange peel affect but a weird snakeskin texture. They dont provide any extra grip, so if you need more grip I suggest some other competitors. They are slippery, which I personally like more. If you hold the GelaSkins up to the light, you can see they have a strange honey-comb like texture, but you dont feel that with your fingers at all.


  • Nice back texture, none of those orange peel effects
  • Covers sides very well
  • Easier to apply then other protective films
  • Covers more than sticker-like competitors (TatSkinz, DecalGirl)
  • Very precise cutouts for maximum protection


  • Does not cover top, bottom, or corners.
  • Difficult to apply due to very precise cutouts
  • Protection for chrome bezel would be greatly appreciated, but it not included.

Overall I very highly recommend the GelaSkins. They are only 15$ so its pretty much a win-win situation. They also come with a screen protector I believe, which is just a nice standard screen protector. These also do not have the orange peel effect of other protective films, which I think is great. Well done GelaSkins, I give you a 8.5/10. This is probably the best of the film protectors that have designs.

Name: GelaSkins For iPhone 3G Price: 15$[Buy]
Company: GelaSkins Extras: Screen Protector Can Be Added
Description: A great film protector with designs for the iphone 3G
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