Aevoe Moshi iPouch Review

Hello Everyone. Today we are going to review the Moshi iPouch by Aevoe. I would like to thank Aevoe for donating me this case for review. They have very fast shipping (came in 2 days), and their customer support is really nice and replies quickly. The packaging that the pouch came in was really nice. I could tell these people were not joking, it really looked official. Also it is a nice cardboard packaging, so you can recycle it and do your part to save the environment. The pouch comes with the actually pouch, as well as a lanyard that you can attach through a hoop on the pouch and wear it on your neck.

The back of the box has a bunch of writing on it about the product, and shows just how fun loving this company is. They refer to the iPod/iPhone as her, which I found really funny. It also states that its made from “Terahedron Microfiber”, and also that it is anti-static and splash proof, which is true. A couple of days ago some milk spilled onto my iPouch with my iPhone inside, and not a drop on the actual phone. It is also 100% machine washable, and free of chemicals. It also says to wash it with cold water, no bleach on the delicate cycle. What I did is I just put it under the sink, washed it with my hands and left it to dry, and it still looks like new.

The iPouch has a nice design. You just slide your iPhone 3G in and pull on the string to shut the opening. It also has a lanyard which you attach through a small loop on the back. On the front is also has a small pocket for headphones, and a little rubber piece to hold the end of the headphones. Instead I tighten the case and attach the string to the rubber headphone holder.


  • Very nice, soft design
  • Available in many colors
  • Fits some of the smaller cases
  • Comes with a lanyard
  • Extra front pocket for headphone storage
  • Cheap
  • Cleans the screen, no need to carry around a cloth with you
  • Great fit for the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2G, and the iPod Classic
  • Not bulky


  • Sometimes the top part loosens
  • Can not fit bigger cases

That’s basically it. This is a very nice pouch, and for only 23$ its pretty much a win/win situation. If your the type of person who loves pouches I definitely recommend this to you. But with products like this, it’s all a matter of personal taste. The iPouch comes in Zen Black, Lavender Pink, Baby Blue, and Sahara Beige. I personally like the Sahara Beige color, but they sent me the black and im not complaining. Also this pouch is probably a PERFECT combination with any of those sticker-like protectors like the InvisibleSHIELD, Bodyguardz, and probably the Gelaskins since they are smoother.

*Edit* After some use, I still use this thing after nearly a month. It is holding up great, and I love it!

Name: Moshi iPouch Price: 23$ [Buy]
Company: Aevoe Extras: Lanyard that connects to iPouch
Description: A very nice pouch made from terahedron microfiber

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