Speck SeeThru For iPhone 3G Review

Hello Everyone!

Today I will be doing a review on the Speck SeeThru for the iPhone 3G. I would like to thank Speck for donating this case to me for review.

The Speck SeeThru is a slider-like design. The top piece separated take up about 3/5ths of the case. The bottom piece, which is also a movie stand, joins into the upper piece and slides its rails on an empty space and locks into place. The first thing I noticed when I got this case is that it is a scratch magnet. It scratches like crazy, in the first 5 minutes I had it, it got scuffed up like crazy, just like the silver back of an iPod. The case is transparent, and is offered in different tinted colors.

The packaging for the SeeThru is really nice, like all speck products it is a nice box that is resealable with velcro. Unfortunately, also like Speck tradition, no screen protector or extras were included with the case. I repeat this multiple times, a simple 2$ screen protector can save the life of your expensive device!

The case looks actually rather nice. It is transparent so it shows the nice apple logo really clearly, and the rest of your device matches the color of the case itself. The case looks really nice but it is kind of glossy, so it scratches like crazy. Also the bottom part is a bit loose, and kind of bothers me. The SeeThru has two rubberized grips on the sides which I found really convenient and comfortable.

The case has nice cutouts for every port. The volume rocker is fully exposed and the vibrate switch has a nice big hole and is really easy to get to, a nice hole for the headphone jack, any small to medium sized headphones will fit,  nice camera hole. Sleep/wake button is also exposed and easily accessible, you don’t have to dig your finger inside to press on it. Also there’s is one big hole in the bottom for the dock connector, speakers and microphone. I really think that some people will like this case. This case is basically simplicity at its best, its extremely simple and doesn’t really have anything special to it. Some people will really like this design, will others will not.


Overall this case is pretty nice, its simple and it can also be a video stand, but I don’t think the 30$ price tag is worth it. To be honest, I would be much more attracted to this case if it was 20$ or 25$, but the 30$ price tag just doesn’t do it justice. Along with the easy scratching, that also made our initial value go down. I give this case a 6.9/10, I really love Speck, they have great products, but they just made some vital mistakes with this case.


  • Nice, clean, simple design
  • Bottom slides off to be a video stand
  • Nice, open cutouts for easy access to all ports
  • Nice rubberized grips on the sides
  • Easily slides into tight pockets, and does not gather lint


  • Scratches Easily
  • Feels really weird is you have sweaty hands (I cant really explain this properly)
  • Flimsy
  • Not worth the 30$ price tag
  • Bottom part slides off too easily
Name: SeeThru Price: 29.95$[Buy]
Company: Speck Extras: No Extras Included
Description: A very nice, simple, transparent case made by Speck.

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