The PlayBook is Toast, RIM Offering Employee-Only Firesale

Ouch. According to sources for The Verge, RIM is giving employees the opportunity to purchase a BlackBerry PlayBook for the reasonably low price of $99. We’re not sure if the company will have the same success as HP did with the Touchpad firesale, but regardless, this is a very clear sign that the slate is destined for doom. RIM recently cut the price of the PlayBook down to $199, but even that seems too rich for most customers. The tablet has the misfortune of running a QNX-based OS, meaning it suffers from a severe lack of apps—which is what end users really care about.

RIM may not last much longer if they continuously release duds, and with iMessage becoming as popular as BlackBerry Messenger, the company doesn’t have much going for it other than its stiff upper lip.

[The Verge]

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