CoreCases Aluminum Slider Case For iPhone/iPhone 3G

Hello Everyone,

Today I will be reviewing the CoreCases Aluminum Slider Case for both the iPhone and the iPhone 3G. I would like to thank CoreCases for donating me these two cases for review. The silver one is for the iPhone 3G, while the black one is for the iPhone. Also sometimes my reviews may be shorter because I now include videos, so enjoy!

The case consists of two pieces that slide together and lock in place with two nubs on the sides. This makes the case thin because of the small locking mechanism, but also pretty weak, because whenever I hit the sleep/wake button the case slides apart (see video at the end of the review). The inisde of the case has absoultely no rough edges, and is completely padded with foam like material. The case is kind of bulky, but you dont really notice it. Both of the cases for the original iPhone or the iPhone 3G come in a black or silver finish.

Another thing that struck me as strange was the fact that there were no pack-ins. This is an aluminum case that might bend and scuff your iPhone, you would at least think that they would provide a screen protector, but they did not. The only thing you get in the package is a case. But honestly, a cheap screen protector that costs at maximum 7$ could save the life of your 300$ device, so I hope CoreCases takes this into account and improves this in their next designs.

The design of this case is rather nice. The nice aluminum finish in either black or white is incredible and nice looking, very relective. You get access to all ports and button, with moderately sized cutouts for all the necessary ports, which I did not like. I would prefer a rubber covering the button because it leaves less parts exposed. Also one major design flaw was that on the iPhone 3G version of the case, my reception became HORRIBLE. I had 5 bars on 3G, i put the case on and it falls all the way untill I got no service. This is what made my rating for the iPhone 3G case so horrible. But on the iPhone, the receiver area is left exposed and the reception stays the same. But on the good side, the tough aluminum absorbs shock as well as the foam padding on the inside makes sure your iPhone does not move and also absorbs most of the shock. I really feel confident that nothing will happen to my iPhone 3G if it falls on the ground.

Overall, I do recommend this case for SOME people. First of all, I do NOT recommend this at all to any iPhone 3G user, because it basically impedes on everything the iPhone does. The version for the Original iPhone however is a whole different story. It has an opening for the receiver (black area) and so the connection stays that same. Now you finally have to decide, do you want the toughness of aluminum protection, or get a different case but don’t have to worry about it sliding every time you hit the sleep/wake button. Overall I honestly give the iPhone 3G version a 5/10 and the iPhone version an 8/10 .

PS: Video will be up soon, I am experiencing some small difficulties.

Name: Aluminum Slider Case for iPhone Price: 29.95$[Buy]
Company: CoreCases Extras: No Extras
Description: An Aluminum Slider Design Case For The iPhone. It is now Discontinued
Name: Aluminum Slider Case for iPhone 3G Price: 29.95$[Buy]
Company: CoreCases Extras: No Extras
Description: An Aluminum Slider Design Case For The iPhone 3G. Available In Black And Silver
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