Apple’s Retail Store Sales on Black Friday were “Off the Charts”

According to 9to5Mac’s source within Apple Retail Stores, the company sold four times the amount of products that they normally do on Black Friday.

Apple Retail was forecast and broke Retail sales records all over the country today, this is from [redacted] today, the forecast today is more than 4 times what we normally do. We broke the forecast by 7pm.

9to5Mac is obviously not allowed to show what the numbers are as it could reveal who the source is. It would be appropriate to expect some actual sales numbers at Apple’s Q4 earnings call — which has yet to be announced.

Apple discounted many of their high-value items including the iPad and their complete Mac lineup to more desirable prices for the national Black Friday sale-day. The result seems to have yielded more than expected, since other retailers carried Apple products for even cheaper. This obviously proves that there were many shoppers who preferred to shop in-store and face a crowd as opposed to shopping online. However, there were millions who shopped online, so Apple’s web store profits for this Black Friday may have been even higher.


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