iPhone 4S Now the Second Most Popular Camera Phone on Flickr

Apple’s iPhone 4S has speedily become the second most popular camera phone on Yahoo’s photo sharing website Flickr. The newest iOS phone has overtaken all competitors except its predecessor, the iPhone 4. It’s now only a matter of time until the new smartphone overtakes its precursor, but judging by the above graph that shouldn’t be for another few months. The iPhone 4S has been praised by many for its astounding camera improvement and is currently outranking a few real DSLRs in image quality and convenience.

As you can also see by the graph above, Apple’s iPhone 3G saw a large spike in activity following the release of the iPhone 4S. After a rather large decline following the iPhone 4′s release, it seems that quite a few people have purchased an old 3G because of the low price.

[Flickr via Mac Rumors]

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