Blu Ray, Twitter and App Organisation in iTunes 9?

The Boy Genius Report have heard from a “reliable source” some of the potential new features in iTunes 9. Now these are still only rumours, but it’s still very exciting! There have been other circling reports that Apple are planning to upgrade their iMacs with BluRay players – And so this update to iTunes 9 fits in perfectly.

BluRay support in iTunes? Meaning users with a built in BluRay player (if Apple is actually planning it) or a 3rd party player, can watch BluRay in iTunes. Does this also mean that we can rip movies to iTunes too? I mean… the 3GS can support 720p quality video? If the iPod Touch 3G can do the same… then BluRay sounds damn realistic!

Another part of the rumour is that a new method of iPhone application organisation is coming. This is what I’ve personally been waiting for. There’s no more information, apart from that. But I’m going to speculate and say that you can organise apps into custom categories (i.e Games, Useful, Boring) and also customise your springboard from within iTunes?

And to finish it all off – Potential Twitter/Facebook/ integration too. (Not a lot of info on this either..)

I personally can’t wait to see what Apple release in September!

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