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Why is it, that to turn off WiFi on my iPhone, I must first traverse the SpringBoard, open the Settings app and tap WiFi before I reach the toggle? Granted, these fancy menus are useful to a newbie. However, if I just want to turn off WiFi, I shouldn’t have to to sift through all these other options. While iOS touts it’s simplicity, it lacks the balance of usability between the newbie and the advanced user. SBSettings removes this barrier. Toggles for popular features such as WiFi, 3G, Cellular Data and even SSH are available at the flick of a finger. From the status bar comes down the SBSettings window, a shelf of toggles for the most basic features.  Read on for the full Review:


There are so many customizable options in SBSettings that really makes it one of the most personal, yet practical, tweaks I’ve installed on my iDevice. You can change whether you want to bring down a window for SBSettings or use Notification Center; you can even choose to use both. SBSettings is all about options; you can choose how many toggles are shown and even how they look. It’s the most complex, yet simplistic, tweak available on Cydia. You can even add custom themes to the interface; more toggles are downloadable too.

Toggle On; Toggle Off. SBSettings is perhaps the simplest way to accomplish this task. Turning something trivial off, like Cellular Data should be just as trivial a task. I don’t want to go through the SpringBoard, then Settings, then General, then Network and then tap the toggle. I want instant action; I want it quicker. SBSettings allows me to pull down Notification Center and tap. That’s the way it should be; an unobtrusive, trivial task.

Another piece of core functionality comes from the Process Killer and the buttons along the bottom. By default, SBSettings has the processes menu along with the other toggles. Any running process can be killed from here, be it a running game or even the ongoing Music and Video applications. The buttons along the bottom aren’t just handy, they can also be life savers. If your lock button is broken, SBSettings can let you power off or reboot your device. You can also enter Mobile Substrate Safe Mode manually, which is very useful if you have any misbehaving tweaks. Respringing is another of the useful functions – which usually require another SpringBoard-hooked application – that SBSettings can perform.

What I’d like to see from SBSettings would be more ways to tweak the OS. One of the things I enjoyed in SBSettings on my older iPod touch 2G was the ability to enable Battery Percentage and Numeric WiFi. More ways to enable or tweak features within the OS is something I’m sure many users would enjoy.

It is even possible to edit the status bar. These tweaks range from the date to a memory meter. Truly, SBSettings can accomplish many unique tasks.

This is the window interface showing system information and Toggles.

Score: ★★★★★


SBSettings’ design is so intuitive, it really is a one of a kind. While both the Window and Notification Center displays act differently, they have the same core functionality. The drop-down window has several toggle icons with system information displayed below.

The Notification Center display up the height of an app and is designed to fit in with other widgets. It uses a page interface and fits in well with other widgets. Overall, a great improvement that really has evolved over time to suit consumer demand. SBSettings is also themeable and comes with 5 built in themes: Default, Serious SBSettings HD, Tenuis Matte, HUD and Tech Shadow. With the default theme, the icons are simple and relevant. This is great because the point of SBSettings is to allow you to toggle a feature in a few seconds, you won’t need to look at the pretty icons. A variety of other themes are also available in Cydia.

One of the downsides of SBSettings is that it is inaccessible while playing a game. While the Notfication Center display is accessible by swiping down from the top twice, it really breaks the flow you have when normally using SBSettings. This can be a big hassle. Also, some inconsistencies can arise within iOS with SBSettings. Sometimes SBSettings will show WiFi as on when iOS Settings app shows it as off. This isn’t just aesthetically annoying but it also wastes your time checking the settings app to see if WiFi is really off. And that really defeats the purpose of owning SBSettings in the first place.

This is the Notification Centre display when showing the toggles.

Score: ★★★★


SBSettings is a tweak I will continue to use time and time again. It’s well laid out UI and easy-to-use toggle system persuades many users to jailbreak. Your time isn’t wasted opening Settings then going into the WiFi menu just to turn it off. With SBSettings you just swipe the status bar and tap. Simple as that, the way iOS should be. However, SBSettings can eat RAM on older devices, something that may seem trivial like 10MB of RAM can make a big difference when it comes to the system’s choice of continuing with your game or respringing. You really should have the choice to open SBSettings like a normal iOS app, simply to toggle features faster than the iOS Settings app allows.

This is the options screen, the black bar below is an unloaded ad.

Reuse: ★★★★


It’s free. SBSettings saves you downloading a free memory checker, going into the Settings app to check your iDevice or free space, thus saving you bundles of time. You’re not just limited to the built-in toggles either, toggles for many other features are downloadable from Cydia too. Believe me, anything you can imagine can be toggled with SBSettings. SBSettings is everything you need to use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod in the most efficient way possible.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

SBSettings is a task manager, a way to toggle features quickly and easily, a themeable tweak, a reason to jailbreak and a well-loved symbol of the jailbreak community. It shows how far jailbreaking has come over the years, and how one well-made tweak can do the work of twenty rushed ones. Being BigBoss’ defining tweak, it’ll stay on iPhones for years to come.

Final Score

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