AT&T Raises 3GS Price to 99 Cents

Today, AT&T suddenly decided to raise the price of Apple’s iPhone 3GS from free to $.99 on their online store. It’s unclear as to why they would make such a decision since the smartphone was so popular in the last quarter. Mac Rumors decided to ask them for the nature of the price increase. The carrier’s response was as follows:

iPhone 3GS is still available at an incredibly low price and we’re confident consumers will agree that this remains one of the best deals for a leading smartphone.

They would not comment beyond that. It sounds like they want to make a little extra money on a phone that was free. However, it just doesn’t make sense to raise the price to be the “one-dollar iPhone,” if you will. (Especially since the great black Friday is approaching). In any case, Apple continues to offer the iPhone 3GS completely free of charge on their online store, so go there to save the price of a candy bar — or an app — if you’re planning on getting an iOS-based smartphone.

Back when the iPhone 4S was announced in October, Apple decreased the price of their previous generation iPhone 4 to just $99 and made the iPhone 3GS available free to anyone who began a new contract or was eligible for an upgrade. The 3GS is only available on AT&T and was, until this day, free at the carrier itself. Both phones continue to thrive, as does the iPhone 4S.

[Mac Rumors]

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