Accessory Review: iFrogz Luxe Case [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

When you buy an iPhone from the Apple Store, the first thing the clerk asks you is if you want a case or not. Cases are almost deemed a necessity to cover your precious iDevice. iFrogz introduced the first iteration of their iFrogz Luxe Case back when the iPhone 3G launched. The price and quality of the case made it a no-brainer when buying a new iPhone. iFrogz has since re-designed their Luxe Case to fit the iPhone 4 while offering the same protection and fantastic quality.  Read on for the GIVEAWAY and the rest of the review!


For many people cases are a fashion statement. The iPhone 4, without a case, looks beautiful. In my opinion, the iPhone 4 is the nicest looking phone out there, so iFrogz has a tough job keeping the iPhone 4 as sleek as it already is.

There are eight different color choices; no matter who you are there is a color for you. iFrogz chose to go with a very simple design so that the front of your iPhone will look clean. The design is simple yet effective. There is nothing on the back side of the case but a button on it, which is used for removing the case off of your phone. It’s almost an homage to Apple’s iconic home button.

The material used on the case has a metallic look, if feels smooth as silk. This gives the colored versions an appealing shiny finish. Contrary to the color options, the black version has a matte design.

The matte black finish gives the case a smooth, yet grippy texture.

The material used on this case feels amazing; it’s grippy, yet smooth. It feels much like smooth rubber. A bare iPhone used to slide out of my pocket very easily; the coating on the case allows it to stay in my pocket without sliding out.

However, the case does add a lot of weight to the iPhone. You can definitely feel it in your pocket, and in your hand. This isn’t a slim-design case, so the weight is expected. Even though it does add weight, the case surprisingly doesn’t add that much bulk to the iPhone. Using this case felt no different than using a stock iPhone, except for a little bit of added thickness on the sides.

Design: ★★★★½


Protection is one of the most important things to look for when buying a case. If the phone drops, you want it to survive and live on.

Most cases provide protection from scratches in some way shape or form. Some cases include screen protectors as well as an adhesive cover to protect the back of your device from scratches that may occur when sliding the case on and off. The Luxe case, however, does not include such luxuries.

There is protection for the back of the device, as well as protection on the front. When the case is on the iPhone, the front bezel of the case comes up a bit away from the iPhone. This means that when you lay your device, or drop it, face down on a surface, the front screen won’t come in contact with that surface. This front bezel doesn’t intrude on the screen at all; it feels as if it isn’t even there.

The felt help protects your iPhone from scratches when sliding the case on and off.

There is a soft felt inside the case that protects the back of the iPhone from scratches when sliding the case on and off. This doesn’t really help much, because small things like crumbs can get into the case and cause scratches. I haven’t seen any major scratches to the back of my device since I started using the case. This is a good solution, but I’d much prefer an adhesive plastic film protector for both sides of the iPhone. The case really does get dirty inside as well; I needed to clean it out every week or so.

The case does have some shortcomings, though. The case could have covered crucial areas like the volume and power buttons. While the case could take a fall and leave your iPhone unharmed, the case will most likely crack or break. Had iFrogz chosen to use a bulkier material, this would not be the case.

Overall the protection of this case is on par with other cases in the price range. Throwing in extra protection like thesoft felt and the non-intrusive bezel are all pluses.

Protection: ★★★★


Unfortunately, this is where the Luxe Case falls short. The manufacturing process of the case probably involves a hard, strong plastic at first, then it is coated with a smooth, yet brittle, material.

The material of the case feels very sturdy. Even though the case comes in two parts, each part is very uniform and it doesn’t feel like any part of the case could break because of it. This case could definitely protect your iPhone from a couple of drops.

The parts that are worn out are definitely noticeable under light.

Besides this issue, the case is built very nicely. The case seems very firm and feels like it could definitely hold up for a couple of years.

Build: ★★★½


The case retails for $29.99 on and goes for $10.07 on for the black version, other colors are much cheaper. $10 is a very affordable price point for an iPhone case. This price point is a great value for the protection it provides.

The case seems like it can last for years, but the issue with the material does worry me. Taking the deterioration issue into account, I’d say that the Luxe Case isn’t a stellar value, but it is still a good case at this price point.

Value For Money: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

While the Luxe Original is a very nice case, it had one major flaw that ultimately brought it down. Although most cases will look beat up after they take a couple of hits, they shouldn’t look beat up if they haven’t taken any. With a device like the iPhone 4, cases really have to try and exceed the beauty of the device without a case. This is a tough challenge, but iFrogz was able to accomplish it. However, the case wore out so easily that it almost became an eyesore for me personally.


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